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It must be humble and sincere if it’s a song by Toronto-based Alt-Folk artist Jimmy Pearson. As a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, Jimmy strives to connect to thoughtful audiences with songs that celebrate the pathetic and awkward facets of life. 


Jimmy released his debut EP Good Friends in November of 2015. Working with producer John Switzer, Good Friends was able to become an honest and whimsical musical soundscape, defiant of any one genre. 

Jimmy is currently working on a new album set for release Spring 2019.


Watching Jimmy play is kind of like watching open heart surgery; it's personal, complex, he keeps the rhythm going no matter what, and you can't look away. With his voice, carefully crafted songs, guitar, and two kick pedals under his feet he left the audience with the feeling that there's more going on than meets the eye. - Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival